“We Wanted to Build a Machine that Sh*ts Dollars” — With Andrew Warner

Andrew Warner Mixergy.com Saber Blast Interview by Matt AckersonDo you know Andrew Warner?

Whether you’ve already heard his story and listen his entrepreneur interviews on Mixergy.com, this interview shows a fresh side of Andrew.

In our discussion, Andrew and I talk about the little known details of how in his 20′s he built up his internet business, Bradford and Reed, to over $35 million in revenue with no outside investment. Even if you’ve heard his story before, you’ll learn something new when you listen to Andrew explain how he and his brother tested ideas and iterated on their model. Their initial goal was to build a business that “eats quarters and sh*ts dollars.”

Andrew also talks about his low points and the how as an entrepreneur your “counter mind” can get you down and hold you back. Listen to the part of the interview where he talks about being almost acquired by a major greeting card company and the subsequent conversation he had with his co-founder.

Finally, for those of you who are Mixergy fans, Andrew talks briefly about what the future of Mixergy looks like.

Watch the video below or download it as an MP3 by clicking here.

Memorable quotes, questions answered, and lessons learned:

  • “We wanted to build a machine that eats quarters and sh*ts dollars.”
  • We looked around at other people in our space, like HotorNot.com, to see what they were doing. Then we built and tested our own versions of those products.
  • “After we received a check for $350,000 and powering through that low point, we felt like we could never go back to that.”
  • How do you have the confidence to get people to pay you when your finances are so little, and you can’t survive if they don’t pay you?
  • Q: “What happened to Bradford & Reed?” A: “What happened to Bradford & Reed is what happened inside my head.”
  • “I’ve learned to take time off.”
  • Does your counter mind sound like Andrew’s, and if so, how do you get past that noise? “I don’t give time to the negative thoughts [today]. I give time to the thoughts that are truth and empowering… I question those negative thoughts.”
  • How do you handle the feeling, that as an entrepreneur, everything can always feel like it’s falling apart? “The way that I think about it decides it.”
  • Find out what happened when Andrew almost sold his company to a well-known brand. “They were trying to buy us with our own cash.”
  • What’s the future of Mixergy?

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