Email marketing software that automatically gets you leads...
without the expensive pay-per-click

  • Are you tired of having to hustle and network and SEO
    just to scrape out the same number of sales every
  • Wouldn’t it be easier if you didn’t have to leave
    the office or put yourself at the mercy of Google?
  • Or maybe you want to grow but have a limited
    marketing budget and want the best possible return
    for your dollar?

Saber Blast helps you generate a consistent stream of
inbound customer leads

Say goodbye to expensive, hit-or-miss advertising, and hello to a steady flow of interested buyers.
Here's what you get...

Instant Email Import & Auto-Grow

It’s easy to get started by instantly growing a contact list. And if you don’t have any contacts to start we’ll help you create your first email list using your personal email account, social networks, and an embeddable website widget which collects emails 24/7 on your behalf.

“This is so useful. What I really like is you kept it simple.”

- Ben Wagner, CEO, Life Kraze

Send professionally designed email or use automated follow-up

Get conversion-optimized email templates and pre-written automated email sequences, which make sending marketing messages to your contacts so easy, the emails almost write themselves.

I have double the number of new clients we have taken on compared to the first quarter of last year… I can tell you that by sending out email blasts using this software it has helped me to nurture some leads I never closed that had been sort of lingering.”

- Kelly Cammack, Owner, Apollo Answering Service

Visually track engagement & leads

Get visual, real-time statistics showing who is opening and clicking your emails. Get auto-recommendations on who is a qualified lead worth following-up with right now without filtering through your lists or generating a report.

“Normally I just see numbers from other reports. [With Saber Blast] I like that I can check in and see it updated throughout the day in real-time.

Other reports typically just show you how the piece performed after a month or so. I can check in at any time and get an estimate of performance at whatever interval I like. I think your users will enjoy being able to see how it did on Day 1, Day 2, etc.”

- Chris Salierno, DDS

4 facts on why Saber Blast can help you grow

According the the Direct Marketing Association ( email marketing produces a...

$40 return on investment for every $1 dollar spent

In the same study it was found that compared to social media marketing (like on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin) and SEO (search engine optimization, i.e. working to rank high in Google)...

Email marketing has a buy rate that is 1000% higher than social media, and more than two times higher than SEO.

Third, here are examples of successful companies that use email marketing to grow:

612,439 and counting...

That’s how many emails we’ve sent to potential customers on behalf of our clients since launch

Questions & Answers

“What makes Saber Blast different from other email marketing products?”

Other email marketing software on the market today focuses on offering the ability to send email newsletters. Saber Blast on the other hand is focused not on email marketing for the sake of email marketing, but on providing you a system and set of easy to use tools that will bring you leads which will result in business growth. Who cares about sending “newsletters” when what you really want is to grow a massive opt-in email list and drive a consistent river of leads to your doorstep?

“How does the free trial, double-no-risk guarantee work?”

You get a free 30 day trial period absolutely risk free. If you’re not happy for any reason you can cancel and even request a refund (no questions asked) if it’s within the first 30 days of when you were initially charged. This is why we call it a “double-no-risk” guarantee. You can’t lose.

“How does Saber Blast help my business?”

“I want more client leads without spamming or bothering people but I’m not sure where to start.”

“How do I stay top of mind with prospects and existing customers so when they’re ready to buy they buy from me?”

Questions like this will disappear when you start using Saber Blast. Small business owners, real estate agents, design firms, and more enjoy using our marketing software because it helps them build relationships with potential customers (and existing customers who can come back to buy more) over time. It also helps you by showing who is a recommended lead to follow-up with based on engagement and tracking statistics.

“How does Saber Blast work? What does it do?”

Saber Blast helps you grow your business in three easy steps: grow, blast, and track. We help you grow a large email list right from the start and automatically over time with our embeddable widget and “auto-grow” tools. Then you can blast out email newsletters and content using our conversion focused, professionally designed templates or auto-responders. Finally, we help you to track results (opens, clicks, and leads) from a high level and detailed point of view.

“Who is Saber Blast perfectly suited for?”

Small, growing businesses Digital Marketers
Web dev / design firms Real estate agents

“What can I do with Saber Blast?”

You can generate and nurture sales leads that will result in more profit and business growth.

Build a massive email list Close leads while you sleep with auto follow-up emails
Get auto-recommended leads Track clicks, opens, & list growth

“What doesn’t Saber Blast do?”

Saber Blast does not serve as a payment processor and we do not sell email lists or share the private ema ils lists of our members. But we do give you a system, tutorials, and all the tools you need to build and continuously grow a quality opt-in email list that will be a reliable source of leads and sales for your business.

“How do I get started with Saber Blast?”

You can sign-up in 30 seconds for your no-risk 30-day free trial on Saber Blast. You can build a list and start sending emails that will bring you leads within the first five minutes.

"The concept just made sense to me, so I signed up." etc.”

- Greg Goodson, Raffle Copter

Start getting new customers and growing your
business with Saber Blast today

We’re the only email marketing software focused on helping you easily and automatically generate,
nurture, and close sales leads.

It’s not about sending newsletters, it’s about growing your business!
You can sign-up in 30 seconds.

"A lot of people become business leaders and thought leaders in their community by building a reputation for creating and spreading valuable ideas. Then eventually you use that reputation to find new customers.

Saber Blast helps you do that."

- Robby Hill, CEO, Hill South